Laptop Screen Replacement

There are a few things that can happen with laptop screens to damage them.

Damaged your Laptop Screen by Dropping?

The most common one that we have seen is that the screen actually gets damaged with a fall or a knock. In this case there is no option other than an LCD Replacement.

Unfortunately, getting the Laptop Screen Replaced is one of the more expensive things that can go wrong with your laptop so to that end, we can source New Original LCDs, OEM Compatible Laptop Screens and 2nd hand Laptop Screens at varying prices.

We will contact you before any Laptop Screen Replacement is made with the costs involved and you can make an informed choice based on the information we give you.

LCD Backlight Invertor is Faulty

Another common problem is that the screen goes dim or faint. This more often that not is due to the backlight invertor being faulty. This can be easily replaced by us. Again depending on your budget, we can source, new and 2nd hand LCD Backlight Invertors

There are other things that can happen, which occur less often but with our no fix – no fee promise, you can rest easy knowing that your LCD replacement is in safe hands.