Doctor Who – leaves us sick with mid-season break


Spoiler alert

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for those who have not seen Doctor Who up to June 5 2011 episode “A Good Man Goes To War”

You have been warned.

Dr. Who Convert

First off, let me explain that I am a relative Dr. Who newbie. Born and raised in the bog inIreland, we never had BBC. My only knowledge of Dr Who was repeats of BBC panel and comedy shows on RTE which normally slagged Dr Who off for it’s cheap sets and locations and it’s dodgy effects. I never got into it until the recent reboot starring Christopher Eccleston and Billy Piper. This was part of the new BBC. Big and expensive and aiming for an international audience. It worked. Dr Who is a pretty large hit on BBCUSA. Maybe not quite on the level of The Office but still enough to get the stars on the US Chat Show circuit.

Dr. Who Improves with new Doctors

Anyway, this was my first real intro into Dr. Who and I enjoyed it. Big and fast paced with story arcs that covered entire seasons. Eccleston left after season one but, this is not a problem for The Doctor: Bish bash bosh, a quick regeneration later and David Tennant is the new Doctor. A little more manic, a little less edgy and a bit more fun. And I liked this Doctor too. “Blink” is probably my favourite Dr. Who episode of them all and The Doctor barely appears in it at all. A clever, touching episode which starred a young Carey Mulligan before she went toHollywood. Tennant stayed for three seasons before there was another pretty much reboot. New Doctor – Matt Smith, new companion, new head writer, director, producer. I must admit, I wasn’t gone on the “new” direction initially. Old school fans loved it because it was more inline with the tone of the original series they grew up with. Just with infinitely better production values. However, about half way through Matt Smith’s first season I suddenly got into it. REALLY into it. The stories weren’t as loud and brash as previous ones but were a bit lower key and smarter. The new Doctor had a great subversive sense of humour and the writing was top notch. If “Blink” was my favourite episode, season 5 (Or 25 or whatever. Most seem to count from the 2005 reboot as “Doctor Who” and the original ones as “Dr. Who”…… I’m not THAT bad ) had four episodes IN A ROW that were just plain awesome: “Vincent” saw The Doctor and his companion, Amy, visit Vincent Van Gough and help him fight a monster in typical Doctor Who style. However it’s the quiet moments dealing with Van Gough’s crippling depression that really gets to you and I DARE you to watch the end without getting a little lump in your throat. “The Lodger” sees the Doctor get stranded on Earth and flat-share and do other normal things while trying to figure out what happened. Probably the funniest episode of them all. And then the final 2-parter, consisting of Romans, Daleks, The Big Bang, a wedding and a fez. Simply fantastic

Doctor Who – Season 6 Cliff Hanger

So now we have season 6. the first two episodes, for the first time filmed inAmericato go along with their new audience, were amazing: The Moon Landing, aliens and creepy girls. After that there was a little bit of a lull (Pirates? Really?) and a two parter that could easily have been one episodes. But last Saturday we had the mid season cliff-hanger. We find out what happened to Amy, find out who exactly River Song is (that, in itself, was a jaw-dropper), loads of ships blowing up, headless sword fighting monks and a very angry doctor. And now we have to wait until September until we find out exactly what the hell is going on!!!! Sick isn’t the word.

Freesat – Bring back the Doctor

I’ll just have to sit back and rewatch the first half of the series I suppose. Thankfully saved in glorious HD and surround sound on my Free TV box (Rory’s speech at the start of “A Good Man Goes To War” looks bloody amazing in HD with the volume turned up to 11. BLOODY AMAZING!). Come on BBC bring back The Doctor, we’re dying here!!!

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