Deep Space Nine. The Best Trek?


Star Trek DS9 – The Trekker’s Favourite

In a previous post I commented on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Currently Sky Two is repeating Deep Space Nine and CBS Action, available on Satellite TV and Freeview, are cycling through Star Trek Classic (Digitally cleaned up and with a bit of spit and polish on the effects) and Deep Space Nine. So it seemed like a good time to post my thoughts on my favourite of the Star Trek series: Deep Space Nine.

Kirk vs Picard vs Sisko

Now, I know it’s traditional to like Star Trek Classic or The Next Generation best. The debate of who is best: Kirk or Picard has been raging since the dawn of the internet and according to legend, the first forum post on the precursor to the Internet, DARPANet, was who was best: Kirk or Spock? But, for all the high-kicking, stilted dialogue delivery and cold war allegories of the original and the touchy-feely, moralizing of The Next Gen, I feel that Deep Space Nine stands head and shoulders over all other Trek series.

DS9 Progressive Storylines

Deep Space Nine brought a sense of weight to the Star Trek universe. No longer would a problem be wrapped up in 45 mins with no consequences for the future like in Trek Classic. You knew that anything that happened in DS9 (Especially from season 2 on) was going to have ramifications months or years down the line. DS9 was different from all other Trek series in that it had a six year storyline (Starting with season 2). There was a definite progression in the one story from the end of season 2 right up to the end of season 7.

Grey Morality in Star Trek

Gone, also, was the goody-two-shoes moralizing of The Next Gen. Deep Space Nine was not all black-and-white. The “good guys” did questionable things in the name of war: Instigating germ warfare, deliberate murder of civilians and engaging in torture. Alliances changed all the time: This year’s enemy could be next year’s ally. But it was never done for shock value or simply to keep you on your toes like other shows. The plot points and changes were all very logical and, looking back, the only choices. The black and white of the Next Gen disappeared for the shades of grey in DS9 (Even down to the styling of their uniforms. Starting off with the bright Next Gen colours before changing to more military-styled greys of the later seasons).

Retianed a sense of humour

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. DS9 also had some of the funniest episodes of any Trek series: From meeting Kirk in Trials And Tribilations to being the Roswell aliens in Little Green Men DS9 had some hilarious episodes.

So, if you’re going to give Star Trek a go, ignore the camp classic, the squeaky clean Next Gen, the nasal Voyager and the bland Enterprise. Go for the smart Trek you can get your teeth into. Switch over to Sky two on Sky or CBS Action on Free TV and get stuck into Deep Space Nine

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