Garden Storage Boxes are a great way to organise your garden tools

When the time comes to down tools for the winter months be sure to give good consideration and thought to how you will store your tools until the sun returns the following spring. Tool storage should be done right to prevent damage to you tools and to keep them safe and organised. In your garden shed or garden storage box you should have a clearly defined  space for each tool rather than shoving them all in the corner; this will keep them better organised and make life for you a lot simpler.

Being organised with your tools is important throughout the year. There is nothing worse than starting a days work rummaging around the shed looking for that missing garden trowel or pruner, or worse again, and still can happen; running around the garden looking for that garden spade or other garden tools that you left lying on the ground the previous evening.

Having an organised tool shed or storage box means that you can very quickly tell if you are missing a tool or not and save you the trouble the next morning of having to go find it. Organised tools also allows you to pick and select the tools you need for the day quickly as they are all arranged in front of you. This also lessens the likelihood that you will forget to bring a tool like the hand trowel, which could have been otherwise left behind.

Health and safety should always be in the fore front of your thoughts at all times and in the garden and the work place accidents due to trips, slips and falls are the most common and having an untidy and unorganised work space can lead to such accidents occurring. Staking your rakes, spades and shovels in a corner can be dangerous as trying to pull one out can often bring the rest of them crashing down. The odd hand trowel left lying around is enough to cause harm and don’t even get me started on secateurs and pruners.

When organising your shed or storage box choose the location for each tool. Keep all similar tools together and all long handled tools such as rakes, spades and forks should be hung from wall using a tool hook. When hanging tools always have the pointed end pointing up wards; this is to prevent damage to the head of the tool should it fall. Hanging tools also prevents unnecessary damage and blundering of tool heads every time you put by down on the ground to store. Other tools like hand trowels, secateurs and hand forks can be placed in hold all boxes and placed into your storage box. Sharp tools like shears, pruners, loppers and saws should have a section all of their own. Chemicals should also be stored separately and store up high to keep out of reach of children.

If you can keep your storage box organised you will be able to get the most out of it, i would spend an hour each week making sure that everything is in the right place and organised the build up of pots, trays and compost bags that tend to accumulate as I garden. It all pays off each morning when I go into my shed and see that all my tools ready and waiting for me.

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