Garden Planters & Hanging Baskets – Gardening Without The Fuss

Many people today turn away from their gardens in search of an easier life that involves, well, less digging and back ache! This I can agree is a fair request as not all of us are glutens for punishment and love spending back breaking hour after hour tending to our flower beds. But luckily even for the least inclined gardener there is a solution that can allow everyone enjoy some year round colour and interest without the back ache. That is; the container garden, and by just adding a few wooden garden planters or hanging baskets anyone can achieve an attractive display and still have time to relax.

Container gardening is so simply because it generally involves working within a smaller area, it involves working at a more suitable height as the planter such as the wooden garden planters are raised up. Container gardening is also that bit easier because there is no need to dig over the soil and pick out stones and weed, but simply open a bag of compost and pour in the soft, clean and light soil into your container or hanging basket.

To make the job more pleasing and enjoyable you can create different planting themes and styles in each pot and change it every season. There is a planting scheme for every location and every time of the year. I personal favourite of mine is an autumn planting scheme that incorporates cyclamen, sedums, dwarf conifers and dwarf ivies into one wooden garden planter. This simple scheme will offer colour right up to new years day and help get me through the winter blues.

When preparing a container first prepare the soil, adding plentiful amounts of fertilizers; if your using a wooden garden planter I would recommend adding 35gm or a small handful of fertilizer such as fish blood and bone to the compost. Once you have filled your container almost to the top begin to arrange the plants. Firm in the compost around each plant as you plant it and once all the plants are in place level off the soil at the surface and water in well

Container can look great anywhere in the garden, I would often position two wooden garden planters each side of my front door with two Hanging baskets above them. Remember to keep containers well watered during the summer and autumn. Watering baskets once every day is sometimes necessary to keep them from drying out. Then the more you do it the more adventurous you can get with using more exotic plants or working with particular colour schemes. Really there are many options open to the container gardener and a lot less of the stress and the mess that gardens can cause

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