A Neat & Tidy Garden Starts with an Edging Shears

Garden maintenance is big business but at the best of times it is also a boring business; hours spent on hands and knees pulling weeds is not a when to pass ones time. But luckily for those in the trade there is some relief and that is in the edging of lawns. No other core in the garden can make so much impact and in so little time. Luckily, with all the tools now dedicated to this essential task the work load has gotten even easier. The garden edging shears is a great tool and should be in everyone’s tool box.

The range of edging shears means that there is one to suit every sized gardener and when used properly can make edging lawns a pleasant task. The key to using this tools is to use it regularly; not letting the grass build up to a point while the roots and soil are now hanging out over the lawn edge. If you have left it too long and you find that the edging shears  is struggling to cut then you might want to invest in a garden edger.

A garden edger is similar to the edging shears in that it will cut grass along an edge and give a nice neat finish to a lawn and garden. The garden edger looks and works more like a spade but is completely flat and straight meaning that neater and straighter lines are possible.

If you invest in an edging shears or any garden tool, it is important that you treat them with great care. All garden tools are put through very testing time and tough weather conditions. This can lead to the tools becoming damaged and rust quickly. With any sharp tools like shears, secateurs and loppers it is important that the blades and hinges are cleaned and dried after use and that the tool is properly stored.

I would recommend using the edging shears with every second grass cutting. That would generally mean using the tool once a month, or in the height of the grass growth; once every 3 weeks. This way you will have less edging to do, less grass cuttings to collect, the work will be quick and easy and you will have tidy borders and edges are summer long.

For those who have large gardens or a lot of borders then maybe the edging shears is not the most suitable tool as it can be time consuming. In this case an electric strimmer or petrol strimmer would work better and faster. The finish from a strimmer is not as neat as the finish from an edger but it will get the job done faster and your garden will still look great afterwards.

There are a range of petrol strimmer on the market and if you are just intending on using it to edge your lawns then you should only buy the cheaper ones as the more expensive models are built for heavier and prolonged work.

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